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I cant love you..

by Hans Fausto

I cant stop thinking of you
you've opened heart and set it aflame

you've entered my dreams and given me life
you've enlightened my soul and got rid of my strife

you would always be there for me
to dry my tears
and embrace me
when i would be afraid of my fears

but then i realize, your something i cannot have
because your something so special to me
and it would kill me to see you get hurt
especially by the person whom we all know as me

but the fact will not change, that i really do love you
thats why im doing this just for you

i may not be able to love you the way i expect it to be
but always remember im call away if ever you need me

because you have a special place in my heart
where i can love you the way you are
and be there for you even if you are so far...