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It's All Or Nothing...

by B4BY BLU3 X

I am not going to settle
Being second best
I want to be your number 1
Better than all the rest

So it is between me or her
You get to chose
But at the end of the day
It is you I do not want to lose

I love you
More than anything in the world
And all I am asking
Is for me to be your girl

I no longer want to be
Your little girl on the side
Your little flirting partner
Or your second best ride

At this point
It is all or nothing
But if you chose me
I promise to give you everything

I am sick of all this
Sneaking around
And when she is on the phone
You expect me not to make a sound

I do not know why I bother
This is not going anywhere
And it is time to face the truth
You obviously do not really care

So who is it going to be?
Who are you going to chose?
I really hope it is me
Because it is you I do not want to lose.