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Xox I'm over you xox

by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

Day one
Didn't know what to do
Thought it was a mistake
Purposefully losing you

Day 5
I cried all night
Thinking and writing about you
Until the sky became light

Week one
Pushed you out of my mind
Was struggling to forget
When you where mine

Day 13
Thought I had recovered
That didn't last long
When you mentioned a new lover

But it didn't take long
To realize I didn't mind
That it didn't bother me
That you weren't mine

Because there are no more lies
No other girls
All those problems have gone
Now your out of my world

I packed up your things
They went far under my bed
I looked at my new lover
And he pushed you out of my head

My days became brighter
Now I’m happy all the time
Yeah I miss you slightly
But that’s kept locked inside

I’m with somebody new now
Have been for quite awhile
They’ve turned my world around
And all I can do is smile

It’s up to you whether we’re friends
I don’t mind what you say or do
Because now I know for sure
That I’m finally over you