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Secret Love

by William Flores

She silently looks at him from afar
Mesmerized by his wonderful elegance
Eyes that shine like a bright star
She's lost in the smell of his fragrance

She imagines the feel of intertwining hands
As they embrace together and feel their hearts beat
She blushes and sighs as the thought of reality lands
She'll always adore his totality, so warm and so sweet

But he'll never know how she feels
Never know that her heart for him reels

He admires her from a safe distance
Left in awe by such uncannily natural beauty
He feels like holding her at that very instance
He's under the spell of heavenly purity

Imagination fills this star-struck lover's heart
Loving images of the two becoming complete
He smiles and quietly searches his heart
He loves her totality, so perfect and so sweet

But she'll never know how he feels
Never know that his heart for her reels

They think of each other all day and everyday

When the sun first rises, when the sun last falls
When the birds sing the melody of Niagara Falls
When the stars shine, while the earth revolves
When couples embrace and their hearts forever stall

They bump into each other on a sunny Wednesday

She thinks and thinks, wondering what to say
How to say that he's the cure to all dismay
He wonders and ponders if she feels the same way
Words cannot express his love on this faithful day

Reading her eyes he peers into her soul
As hearts start racing and rapidly pounding
He places a finger on her lips and loses control
She closes her eyes and feels heavenly bells sounding

"I love you," he says
"I love you," she says

All awhile a distant figure peacefully smiles
As he turns around and his tears he compiles...