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Teardrops From A Broken Heart

by Ann Stareyes

All these teardrops
Every one that falls
There's a wonderful memory
That I will always recall.

The love I thought you felt
That I needed for so long
Now you've yanked it away
Why did it go wrong?

You brought me out of that shell
Where I was trapped for so long
I truly thought I found it all
Now I was living a love song.

You put that sparkle back in my eye
You filled my heart with love
You made me smile again
You were truly a gift from above.

If you only knew
How you shattered my heart
Tears would fall from your eyes
And they'd never stop.

I've traveled back in that shell
Where I lived for so long
Living in seclusion
Where it seems I belong.

Just remember when you see a raindrop
Automatically, think of me
Because all these teardrops
You gave me, I hope you see.