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Together Forever

by Allen

Staring into the heavens above
my thoughts were about my love
In my life her place
tomorrow to see her face

Her not to distant future
and her every single feature
Will she be glad with another
or be sad if we're not together

Will she ever notice my face
will I ever feel her warm embrace
Things are not as they seem
but I know I remain unseen

In my mind she is preserved
such beauty I do not deserve
To be with her my wish, yet to come true
Prayers to the heavens, thoughts about you

Staring into the beautiful ocean below
it only reminds of how she glows
Her movement and her elegance
her judgement and her fragrance

She begins to walk towards me
every step she takes I could see
My heart beats only with her presence
she is my greatest essence

Seemingly flawless body and mind
her beautiful heart I wish to find
The world is such a blessed place
now that I remain in her grace

I pray for us to one day be together
and the world to last forever
Although, being in reality I scream
together forever, was nothing but a dream...