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Here For You

by ** JeNa **

I know love doesn't always go our way,
but we always make it through,
and we stay tough and stick together,
thats the great thing about me and you.

Sometimes it's really hard,
but we never let it keep us down,
when you need a friend to talk to,
I'll always be around.

I'm here for you always,
just give me a call,
I'll help you make it through,
I'll never let you fall.

when things got bad for me,
i always turned to you
now it's my turn,
to help you make it through

love can always wait,
theres other things in life we need to do,
go after you're dreams,
and make them come true.

"everything happens for a reason",
thats what you always said to me,
now its my turn to help,
and make you see.

he's not worth all the heartache,
or all the fallen tears,
he'll just try to hurt you more and more,
throughout all the years.

the one who truly loves you,
will never make you cry,
so he's probably not the right one,
because he walked out and said goodbye.

with no reason at all,
he just left like that,
forget him, you deserve better,
he'll come begging back

don't worry about the pain,
it will go away,
you just have to keep you're head up,
and live life day by day