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My Fear of Love

by Manda

I've been afraid of many things,
Like death and what's to come.
But among all these things there's one thing I feared most,
And that was love.

I was scared to let it in,
For reasons I can't explain.
So I avoided it,
Simple and plain.

People said I was missing out,
But I didn't see where.
My heart was whole and not torn apart,
Unlike their's.

When I met you,
You were just a guy.
I thoguht you'd be like everyone else,
And make me cry.

I didn't pay much attention to you,
'Cause I thought you didn't care.
I never knew you'd listen,
I never knew you'd be there.

The night I knew I was falling in love,
Was the night you we're going to leave.
I told you I fell in love,
And you said you wanted to be with me.

It's awhile down the road,
And you still have my heart.
I know I am lucky,
'Cause you haven't torn it apart.

Looking back on it now,
I don't know how I survived without your love.
The more I think about it the more I know,
You're my angel sent from above.

I'm sorry for everything I've done to you,
Mistakes they have all been.
I regret them so much,
Each a little sin.

You will always be my baby boy,
Whether we are together or apart.
No matter where you are,
You will always have my heart.

So I write this,
To say thanks for your unconditional love.
I wanted you to know I love you,
You're my angel sent from above.