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I'll Be Here...

by Jesslyn

Take me by the hand.
So I can try to make you understand.
Baby please try to see.
You're not going to lose me.

Just because school is about to start-
Doesn't mean we'll fall apart.
I gave my trust to you.
You'll be the one I turn to.

Don't worry about a thing.
You are my everything.
I want YOU to dry my tears.
So forget those fears.

I won't push you away.
I want you to hold me all day.
I won't say good-bye.
I won't leave you for another guy.

I'll never forget your face.
NO matter the space.
I'll never forget your name.
When you come back, it'll still be the same.

Baby-hear me when I say.
When I gave my love away-
I gave it to you.
I'll always be here- with only you.