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I'm writing

by Tainted Beauty

I’m writing you a letter,
I’m writing it in ink,
So That when I’m gone,
You’ll all know what to think,
I’m writing you a story,
A story you can hear,
Please, keep it forever,
So I won’t disappear,
I’m writing you a poem,
A poem just for you,
It may not be quite right,
But it’s the best I could do,
I’m writing you a page,
A page of what I know,
Just so I can say,
I still can’t let you go,
I’m writing an apology,
So sorry for what I’ve done,
But I loved you, I cared,
You were the only one,
So back to my letter,
Of all that we’ve been through,
Why am I doing this?
I guess because I still love you.