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Tell Him

by yANi

Tell him that i hate him
And i never want 2 c him again
Tell him when we were together
I don't remember the last time when

Tell him I was never in love wit him
And I never wanted him back
Tell him ever since he left
My life's been rite on track

Tell him I can live without him
And without his love I've been moving on
Tell him ever since he's decided 2 go
I've been able 2 carry on

Tell him when I was with him
My heart didn't feel any lighter
Tell him when he cuddled me
I didn't want him 2 hold me tighter

Tell him when he held my hand
I wanted him to let go
Tell him I never loved him
Like I told him so

Tell him I don't miss him
Or the way he made me feel
Tell him all the feelings i had 4 him
I realized were never real

Tell him I was never there for him
And for his love I didn't care
Tell him I don't miss the times
Me and him use to share

Tell him I never had love for him
And my heart was never crying
Tell him all these things
But don't tell him that I'm lying