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Ain't no other nigga

by SarahBeth

Ain't no other nigga...
Who can do me like you
Make my body fiend so bad...
That withdrawls I go through

You pull me right down
Onto the bed
Kiss me lips
And kiss on my neck

You lift up my shirt
And you then start to tease
Kissing my stomach
Making me weak

You're touch is so light
Your eyes so sincere
You kiss from my neck
All the way to my ear

You climb on top
Positioned just right
I know I'm about...
To get it all night

You look me straight in the eye
I know what's about to start
You ease your way in
As you capture my heart

I let out a sigh
You let out a moan
It feels like exstacy..
We're both in the zone

The way you do it...
Takes my breath away
My body gives in
As I start to shake

After the endless
Thrust's that you give
I see your head arch
As I know you'll give in

You let out a moan
Then I do too
You tell me you love me
When it's all through