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Goodbye my love.....

by Christina Parks

I told you I was leaving,
and you asked me to stay,
You said you'd make me happy
and love me in everyway.
But that is not possible,
We could never be,
You could never make up for,
all of the ways that you hurt me.
Letting you go,
is the hardest thing I will ever do
But in my heart,
I know I have to walk away from you.
I will always remember the good
times that we shared togetheir,
and I will always love you,
always and forever,
But their comes a time,
everything must end,
this is our time,
and a new life must begin
So this is goodbye,
to you my love,
I hope you will have
everything you are dreaming of
And maybe someday
you will think of me,
and smile and thank me
for setting you free.