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Newly Found

by Poetic Tragedy08

You've made me laugh
And helped me smile
So I look in your eyes
And say you're worth while

I'm glad you've been there
And wiped away my tears
I knew this the second
That you came near

Baby, I realize this is love
And I know what to do
To prevent both of us
From splitting to two

I've gone through it once
And now again I'm ready
I know what to do
So let's take it steady

I don't know
If we'll ever part
But I know for sure
You'll ALWAYS be in my heart

I don't know
If our love will be forever
But hopefully I wish
We'll always be together

If we do ever split
I don't want our bond ruin
Just like the girl I know
Named Brandy DeBruin

So I'm going to say it
As loud so you can see
I love you now and forever
Hopefully one, we'll remain to be