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I never knew

by *Emmy*

People talk of love, yet I never knew,
That I could ever fall into that trap,
But here I am finding out that it is true,
Now theres something in my heart, a gap.

You are the sweetest guy that i have ever met,
The only one who seems to really care,
Now I'm trapped and cant get out of this net,
Why is it me it just doesn't seem fair.

You Say that were no more than just good friends,
I know thats True and I guess your right,
I hope well stay that till the very end,
Ill just have to put up with this hard fight,

Thank you for always being there for me,
It really means a lot when someone cares,
I guess this love was never meant to be,
If you ever need to talk, ill be there.

So now i shall shed my very last tear,
In hopes to heal this deeply broken dream