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I've Got it Bad

by Carlee Ann

I remember it so well
The first time I saw you
At first I wasn't interested
Love isn't something I do

But you made me smile
When I wasn't in the mood
Very few I know can do that
Let alone someone I barely knew

I saw you in a whole new light
And even though we just met
I knew when you talked to me
You were someone I wouldn't forget

We talked constantly
You'd tease and roll your eyes
Whenever I got to see you
It felt like I'd won a prize

Our time together was short
And we spent it as "just friends"
I wanted it to be more
I tend to wish that now and then

Just another crush, I know
And even though it's done
I think about you all the time
And wish you were the one

I go to sleep happily
Knowing I'll dream of you again
And of all the crushes I've had
This is the worst there's been

I can't stop imagining you here
I can't get you off my mind
I smile when I think of you
I've got it bad this time

You aren't even my type
But I see you differently
You're into a few things I'm not
And yet you appeal to me

I don't even want a boyfriend
And yet I want you so bad
It makes no sense and yet it does
The thought of you makes me glad

You may not even call
I have nothing to lose
We probably won't have a relationship
But I'll still dream of you.