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Thats what friendship is...

by Hans Fausto

Years will go by
Our bond will be never
Hurt or unbroken
Like a circle that is forever

That is what friendship is
A bond of eternal carea
Unlike a heart that can be broken
Finding true friends is so rare

Friends that are always there for you
No matter how much you hurt them
Friends that will always care for you
When you are down and broken

Friends that will always miss you
No matter how far you are
Friends that will always love you
Just for what you are

Although quarrels and fights
You may soon undertake
But always remember
Friends will still love you no matter what’s at stake

Friends are like family
Never to be forgotten
For even if you do
They will still remember you

Because that’s what friendship is
A circling love of eternity
Unlike the love that can be broken
This is the love so full of glee