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Mr. Happy Ending Man

by Some Random Human

I met my new best friend today,
he said that he had a way,
of making all my dreams come true,
there was nothing that he couldn't do,
Mr. Happy Ending Man,
do you really think you can,
make my every wish be real,
make this life something to feel,
'cause that seems a little strange,
are you sure that's in your range,
and he said to me with a smile,
"I can make it all worthwhile",
if I say it, I know he can,
'cause he's Mr. Happy Ending Man,
he said to me just a while ago,
"tell me what you want, tell me what I need to know,
do you want me to make her love you,
because that's something that I can do",
I said to him in reply,
"that is not the thing for I,
can you make her happy sir,
can you make us what we were,
can you bring her the greatest love,
given from someone who is above,
all of what I could ever do,
someone less like me and more like you?",
and then he said that what I spoke,
had come true, that it was no joke,
but just that moment I awoke,
and my heart, it was broke,
because there was no Mr. Happy Ending Man,
and my happiness ended before it began...