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Do you ever

by XxTeArSxX17


I never wanted to ever hurt this bad,
But the day you left,
That was the day I became all sad,

I loved you with everything I had,
Now you know that and I hope you’re glad,
But me I’m just so mad,
You left me and you never gave me a look back,

I hope your ok,
I hope you’re happy not sad like me,
I hope your living your life feeling free,
Not un-happy like me,

Everyday thoughts go through my head,
I do wonder about some things,
I rattle my brain wondering,

Do you ever think about me?
Do you think about what we had?
Do you care if I am happy or sad?
Do you think about the good time we had?
Do you miss me?
And do you smile when you look back?
Do you regret anything?
Do you think about the further with me in it?
Or am I just allowed to be part of your lost past?
Do you want to see my smile?
Or hear my laugh?

I wonder what’s going on in your head,
I have so many questions,
That go unanswered,
Some even go unsaid,

But what good will it do me,
Wondering these things in bed,
Because these questions,
Will go on forever,
For these questions,
Will only be asked in my head,