Read Love Poems


by lostwithin

Happiness is the best feeling,
The best feeling there can possibly be,
I suddenly realized that on the day you found me,

Ever since I met you I`ve been happier than ever before,
I can`t explain how happy I am,
And I don`t think it can even increase anymore,

When your around a smile never leaves my face,
Even when I just think about you,
My heart begins to race,

You make my smile so permanent
that it leads to me being speechless,
You say so many touching things to me,
That it even makes me realize my weakness,

I`m falling so fast,faster than ever before,
Ever since I spoke to you,
I have found so much about you that I adore,

No one has ever made me so happy,
So happy I cant explain,
I even smile just when I hear your name,

Having you in my life means more than you could ever know,
I hope you will hold on forever,
And never let me go.