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No Regret

by Nicholle

I'll love you forever,
until stars fall from the sky,
I know you don't feel the same,
but that I must deny

For you my love,
I stopped my sin,
Stopped making cuts,
across my skin

I trust you so,
with all I've got,
Of you my dear,
I have not forgot

I know you love her,
but I love you,
I only wish,
you loved me too

I makes me so upset,
how she doesn't realize,
What a great boy she has,
right in front of her eyes

I wish I was her,
So you'd be thinking of me,
But I guess this is the way,
It's supposed to be

But just remember,
I'll always be here,
Whether it's a problem,
or a fear

I love you baby,
Please don't forget,
Your the one thing,
I don't regret