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To the One I Admire

by Prisci Cabezas

To the one I admire
You make my heart bleed
And it hurts so badly
I can hardly breathe

As I lay awake at night
I think
There’s so much that I want
And need

I want your heart,
Your soul, your love,
I want what I know
I never can have

I try so hard
To forget you
But when I see you again
My love feels brand new

I’ve tried to move on
But it all seems hopeless
So here I stay
Broken and useless

My heart’s in your hands
So don’t squeeze too tight
My heart is fragile
And too weak to fight

It’s been hurt too much
Burying secrets deep
Secrets from my past
That are harder to keep

You’ll never understand
What you are to me
Because you’re just another secret
That I can never set free