Read Love Poems


by Hopeless Romantic

You told me that you loved me.
you said you'd never leave me.
but now you're here no more.
I cant smile like i could before.

my days are no longer complete.
my heart has ceased to beat.
you made me smile when others couldn't.
you held me close when others wouldn't.

now you're no longer around.
true love I thought I had found.
I loved you with all I had.
for our time together I'm truly glad.

now its time that I let go.
whats next for me? I do not know.
another risk I cannot take.
theres nothing left, of my heart to break.

I hope for you things are well.
of our love I will always tell,
all about the good times,
and never about the sad.

now I have to go.
I have broken the rhyme i started.
a broken rhyme
that leaves me broken-hearted.