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Lying cheat!

by BrOkEnGlAsS

I loved you from the start
i thought you loved me too
you were so convincing
i thought i would be lost without you

you laughed at my corny jokes
you stayed by my side
i loved you so much
i never even lied

but you lied to me
about how much you care
but it all came to an end
when i found out about the affair

i cried myself to sleep
night after night
i realized our relationship was bad
fight after fight

i convinced myself
that i pushed you to the edge
that if it wasn't an affair
you would have jumped off a ledge

i wrote you a letter
saying i wasn't mad
that it was my fault
and that i was glad

i was glad you did what you did
and you did it to me
because it was all my fault
i made you leave

when i got your letter
it said I'm glad you understand
it hit me so hard
i crumpled the letter in my hand

it wasn't my fault
that you cheated on me
it was all your fault
it became clear to me

i wrote you an angry letter
then i went to you place
i gave the letter to you
and punched you in the face

when i left
i left with a smile
because i finally did something
that I've wanted to do for a while