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You Need To Know..

by Shalisa

** You Need To Know **
To:Michael Brian

I didn't just lose you
You have been gone for awhile.
I could see it in your eyes,
and especially in your smile.

I had to let you go
Because you were never really there.
I told you that I loved you
But you didn't seem to care.

I left you by yourself
Since you never chose me
You were always somewhere else
A place you would rather be.

I told you what I felt
And why I felt the way I did.
You never understood me,
So my feelings were hid.

I said goodbye for good
Because I knew it was going to end
Even though we had a promise,
You won't let me be your friend.

I couldn't forget and forgive
For everything you had put me through,
And who I fell in love with
Was the old person within you.

I have moved on now
And watched my heart ache,
But the feeling with you
Was even more than I could take.

Just remember it wasn't all me
You had your chance before
I just want what is best for you
But that's not me anymore.

Do not think that I don't love you
Because I always have and will
Our wants and needs were too different
That is why we aren't together still.

I tried my very best
To help you through this time
But you just kept resisting
So the choice was yours, not mine.

I still think of you so often
And wonder how you are
It seems like you are gone
Although your not very far.

As I end this now,
I hope you understand and know
That I had to let you live,
And that meant for me to go.