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Stolen heart

by Mark

I'm slowly dying
Without my heart
Forget finishing this race
I can barley start

The first time i saw you
Those many years ago
I was soon to realize
That in my life was a hole

How did it get there?
Why wasn't it there before?
Please fill it for me
So it's not there anymore

When i looked into your eyes
And you looked into mine
You took something from me
And i no longer felt fine

What did you take?
You took my heart
And instead of being careful with it
You tore it apart

Only two options were open
Take it back, or take yours to
But there was no choice to make
I knew i wanted you

The feeling wasn't quite mutual
But my heart you wouldn't set free
Its like me suffering
Was what you wanted to see

Blood is pouring out of me
From this gaping hole
My heart has stopped ticking
Without you to make me whole