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Always and Forever

by Dj (Dwayne Kent Sitton Jr)

When I think of you,
I loose my fears.
Out of the blue,
They disappeared.

I was scared to hit enter
But I did that night.
That, im glad I did,
you are now my life.

You make me feel in a way,
No other could.
What we got is real;
it's way beyond, more than good.

I was drowning in a lake,
So deep, so blue,
Trap in a place,
So dark, so cruel

Then I came from the dark,
Out of the blue.
I seen an amazing, beautiful light,
It appeared to be you.

You're worth my heartbeats,
The breaths I take.
I have you and to keep you,
I'll put every thing I got at stake.

You make me feel so good,
I hope I make you.
You make my life complete
and very happy too.

I want to look into your soul,
see behind your eyes.
Around you, I don't have to be a fake
And put on a disguise

You being in my life,
I would have never of known,
You make me feel like man,
so strong so grown.

For us to share moments,
For me to see you smile,
And for us to always be together,
I'd walk a billion miles

To see stars,
I don't have to look in the sky
I'd jus look you in the face
And see the stars in your eyes.

No1 is as special
as you are to me.
I do love you with all my heart
That, I hope you can see.

I got the feeling quick,
that I do care for you.
I meant everything;
my feelings will always be true.

I think of you every day,
Dream of you every night.
I will always love you,
Even beyond after life.

The exact time you asked me out,
September 23, 2003 10:25 pm was the best.
With my heart rapidly beating
And my mouth dropped, I said yes.

I know we will last
I know we wont part
Because we are true