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Feeling inside of me...


I really hope I don`t regret
this inside keeping of my precious secret
but just because my lips are sealed
doesn`t mean it won`t ever be revealed

I know this feelin` of mine is obviously showin`
I want to tell you `cause my heart is hurtin`
just because of the way I act
is just enough for you to know its a fact

not tellin` you this, just keepin` you in mind
really hopin` true love you`ll find
even though if its not you & i
i`ll just keep lookin` for that perfect guy

I`ll miss you, even if you won`t miss me
I`ll be seein` you w/ another girl kissin` in a tree
I now know I`ll truly regret
but I`ll just try hard and just forget

It`s a special feeling I can actually say
just `cause it`s been a while since I`ve felt this way
I`ll love you till the end
& just maybe on your knee you`ll bend...