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I Don't Need You

by Britney

I don't want to talk to you
I don't even care
I've been getting used
to you not being there.

I don't want to see you
or even look at your face
All I see when I look at you
Is just a big disgrace.

I don't need to hear from you
Because I'm doing just fine
I don't need to hear some
more of your sorry lines.

I don't want your flowers
You can throw them away.
I don't need your apologies
I hear from you each and every day.

I don't want your candies
you can eat them yourself
And here while your at it
take all of our pictures off my shelf.

I don't want the memories
You can have them too
As far as I'm concerned they
are just bad memories of me and you

I don't need the letters
you wrote to me anymore
All i need is for you to walk out
my life and close the door.

I don't need your love
to help me get through the bad days
I think it's time that we
just go our separate ways.

I don't need anything
that has to deal with you
Yea thats right
you heard me I'm finally through.