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Breakin down..

by Cynthia--Nasr

I'm about to break down and cry
wondering if you care
how i feel inside
in my heart there's nothing but pain
because the person i loved
threw it all away
all my happiness has been replaced
all you see is sadness on my face
i try to forget you
but it doesn't work
i wish you could see
how much you mean to me
all I'm feeling
may not mean a thing to you
but I'm in love with you
i don't know what to do
because you said we were through
baby, I'm so blue
since you left me
the tears haven't stopped
i see no meaning to my life
because you aren't by my side
you told me you loved me
but we couldn't be
so I'm trying and trying
to get over you
but it just isn't working
i guess it will take time
to get used to
being without you.