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We Are Meant To Be....

by Kailynn Makenna

It happened oh so long ago
The day you walked away
And from then on I was sure
That this pain would always stay

And then it got so hard
To live this life alone
And I was truly going to miss
Our conversations on the phone

My life just fell apart
And I couldn’t help but cry
Cause I had come to find
That my whole life was a lie

I tried so hard to die
I did the best I could
But once again I failed
Like I always knew I would

But then one day it happened
When we talked just one more time
But then I was scared to know
That you thought it was a crime

I knew you had a girlfriend
And that truly made me sad
But still I tried to help you
Through the rough times that you had

I knew that I still loved you
But that I couldn’t show
I didn’t know what you would do
If you were to finally know

Then one day you called me
And we talked for oh so long
And you told me you were single
After dating for so long

I didn’t know what to do
Or even what to say
But I knew things would get different
In every single way

And since all that has happened
My life is not the same
And even to this day
I'm not sure who to blame

But one thing that I know
Is that we are meant to be
And I hope that you can see
Just how much you mean to me