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Will you be my Valentine?(part two)

by Switchblade89

It's my second time asking you this question,
and most people tell me that all of this is obsession,
but for at least one day I want you to be mine,
so will you please be my Valentine?

I know you more than I did the year before,
but for this one day I want to know you more,
I want one day where everything I do,
the rose,the card and candy all for you,

One day where your true beauty shows,
beauty that blossoms as you grow older,
the kind of beauty that no one but me knows,
cause true beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,
now let me have a chance to give you this rose,
and talk while your head rests on my shoulder,

I hope this poem written by this boy,
makes you smile and blush with joy,
I also hope you say yes to the following line,
Will you be my Valentine?