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Why do i love you

by lilia

Why do I love you
Why do I care
Why do I see you
And want to stare

Why do I dream about you
Everyday of my life
Why do I think about you
Sit alone and cry

Why is everything
Directed right to you
Why do the stars spell out your name
The whole night threw

Why are things so hard
For me to understand
Why does is make me happy
To hold your hand

Why do your kisses
Make me quiver
Why do you stare into my eyes
And make me shiver

Why do you hurt me
And make me sad
Why do I come back
And act so glad

When the pain
Is harder then I can explain
How thinking about you
hurts my brain

Whats it about you
That I cant get over
Why are YOU my one and only
My precious lover

What is it
That you want from me
is it my love
Cause Ive givin you plenty

Or if its my life
I can give that too
Cause without you my love
I cant sleep the whole night through…..