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My Angel

by Brian n Josh

From the first day I saw you
I did not know
How much I would be struck by your heavenly glow
You are my angel

From the way you jump up and down
To the way you dance all around
Your beauty is spectaculous
How much I love you is miraculous
You are my angel

In my dreams you fall from the sky
All the way up high
You fall into my arms forever
And I want to let go of you never
You are my angel

Each time we kiss there is no doubt
How much it makes me want to shout!
And every time I see you smile
I wish I could be with you for awhile
You are my angel

If I could take you anywhere
It would be where the wind blows gently through your hair
A soothing rain would fall from the clouds
And wild flowers would form around us a crowd
The things I say wouldn’t be very loud
I would whisper
You are my angel

And If I could fly
I would fly up high
And take you away
Each and everyday
To a place of great beauty
Where we could talk, and not over the phone
But just you and me alone
You are my angel

No matter what I go through
I know I can turn to you
Just holding you is enough
To remove any problem so tough

So I will be there to care
If you ever get a scare

And I will be there to love
Like two turtle doves

And baby,
I will believe
That you must be

…My Angel