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Not What It Seems

by Marie

You listen to her cries,
you hear her screams;
looking at her smile,
you know it's not what it seems.

You see the sadness in her eyes,
and feel the cold of her tears,
so when her eyes sparkle,
you know she holds back her fears.

When she shakes with worries,
and trembles with fright,
her laughs can't conceal,
all the pain she must fight.

You touch her stiff shoulders,
and hold her numb hand;
She pretends to be aware,
when she just can't understand.

You see her blank face,
and the bitter thoughts that fill her mind,
which may seem like a dream,
but you'll be fooled by what you find.

Feeling the emptiness of her kiss
and her effort to let go,
though she tells you she needs you,
you know it isn't so.

So when her eyes start to sparkle
as she looks at him and falls apart,
even though she holds you tight,
what she shows is how he broke her heart.