Read Love Poems


by Bill Turner

Looking into your eyes
Lips barely touching the other
Fingers sliding up your thighs
Tongues licking the other

Hands slipping under the shirt
Nipples in my fingers
Nothing under the skirt
The sweet taste lingers

She pulls on me
Taking me in her lips
Completely setting me free
My hands pulling her hips

My tongue sliding inside
Fingers finding their home
Swelling with pride
Her tongue beginning to roam

Sliding into her
Hands squeezing her tight
Both beginning to purr
Rocking and pounding into the night

Sensation giving way to pleasure
Blood boiling, racing through the heart
Heated moments we will always treasure
Can’t tear ourselves apart

Hands held above her head
Thighs to hips
Rocking the bed
Love on our lips

Lust deep in our eyes
Bodies becoming tight
Moisture on our thighs
We might go all night

Thrusting and pounding
Biting and kissing
Heart beats loud, resounding
Twin souls with no love missing