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A single rose of red

by crystal

You brought to me
a single rose of red
i love you
was all that you said

from that night forward
nothing was the same
our love was true
it wasn't just a game

to show your joy
with me in you're life
a pink rose was given
as you asked me to be your wife

the night before our wedding
you handed me a rose of blue
we talked through the night
of opportunities anew

white roses at our wedding
to show our happieness and love
they showed our love was pure
the kind i always dreamed of

many years have past
since the first rose of red
i remember i love you
was all that you said

now the day has come
when you're not around
tonight i must say goodbye
before they lay you in the ground

now it's my turn to give
a single rose of black
as i lay it on your coffin
i wish i could bring you back