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Thank you

by william payne

To my baby

I know we've had our ups and downs
I know this hasn't been an easy ride
But know one said it would be easy
And if they did, they lied

When you put two stubborn souls together
Boy, can sparks fly
And when you put those same stubborn hearts together
They become one like yours and mine

You've stood by me through thick and through thin
Through good times and bad
You've made me put holes in the walls
And damn near drove me mad

And i know I'm no picnic either
Damn sure not a walk in the park
But my love for you is so much
To explain, i just don't know where to start

Even though we sometimes say
Things we know we don't mean
Every time we say i love you
I know its the real thing

So thank you for all the little moments
And moments still to come
Thank you for standing by me
When the waves got a little rough

Thank you for all the nights spent making love
And all the nights spent arguing
Thank you for being you
And thank you for loving me