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See you soon/moving away

by fallen angel

You don’t think you can trust me,
Not one little bit.
There’s just one thing you ought to know,
Before you let me go.

Every time I hurt you,
I told you the complete truth.
I didn’t even bend it,
Not one little inch.

I know I can’t change your mind,
So I wont even try.
Because knowing that you’re happy,
Is what matters to me the most.

I suppose it’s for the best,
For you to find someone new.
Someone closer to your home,
Wherever you might have to go.

Never forget I love you,
And it will always be the same.
You will still be my first true love,
Please come back to me one day.

I’ll be sat here waiting for you,
I wont go astray.
I wont say goodbye just see you later.
My one true love.