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Love and Tell

by Carlee Ann

You walk into the room
And I can't help but stare
But you don't glance my way
Do you even know I'm there?

I catch your eyes and for an instant
I'm stuck in a dream
Colors whirl around me
And nothing is what it seems

Your eyes catch mine
And I almost want to hide
I don't think that I can tell you
How I feel inside

I want to tell you everything
But then again I don't want to
Because if you know my heart
I might in time lose you

It's so complex, how I feel
I want to hold you tight
Then I want to be far away
I don't know what's right

We've always been friends
But never anything more
I think you care for me too
But I can't know for sure

I don't want to lose you
But I want to love you all the same
It's so hard to feel like a winner
When you are losing love's game

As we talk a while
I see you like you don't know
I want to jump into your arms
But my mind won't let me go

As we part you hug me
And I breathe in your smell
You smile and walk away
I can't love and tell.