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While I was Gone

by Nicholle

My heart is pounding,
beat by beat,
right now I feel,
so incomplete

I've been sent off,
so far away,
I can't see you,

Things were great,
until I went,
with you my love,
my time was spent

But now I speak,
and you don't listen,
If I looked into your eyes,
I bet they wouldn't glisten

You've changed so much,
in so little time,
we were together,
you used to be mine

I bet you forgot,
I bet you don't care,
that I'm here thinking of you,
with so much despair

I need to cry,
but no tears come out,
after today,
I'm starting to doubt

If you love me,
like I love you,
and if this means,
that we are through

Please don't leave,
I need you here,
I don't want all this,
to just disappear