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Why Can't We Be?

by AsuraXMidnyteSun

It has dawned on me, I’ll never be,

The person in your heart, In your memory.

Your guide to the future, in your sight,

Keep you happy, purify dark to light.

Gave you happiness, captured your heart,

The one you have loved, right from the start.

Confused and lost, pouring down rain,

One who defends you, destroys your bane.

Be there forever, a life long bliss,

Caressing you, giving love’s first kiss.

Always on time, not one second late,

Embraced your love, since that very first date.

Never forgets you, a life long friend,

By your side, Holding your hand ‘till the end.

Giving it all, even one’s life,

Protecting you, no matter the strife.

Directs your path, shows you what’s right,

Always be with you, morning till’ night.

Tells you the truth, never a lie,

Holds you gently, watch the sunset in the sky.

Someone to converse with, talk your problems away,

Understanding and listening, Till’ a dieing day.

Possessing you closely, ever so tight,

Loving you forever, not an end in sight.

Being together, Defining our love,

Like a book of happiness, flocks like doves.

I don’t understand, It should have been me.

The person in your heart, In your memory.