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Here without you.

by kelly

They tell me I'm too young
To feel The way I do,
They tell me I am blind,
What I'm Feeling can't be true.

they say I''m just a child
And you are playing games,
They say that I am stupid
To grow up and behave.

They tell me you're a liar
A player and a cheat,
They tell me so many things
Somethings I can't repeat.

They say that I am crazy,
Its true i've lost my mind,
I'm floating through the clouds
Leaving life behind.

Because everything without you
Is incomplete and just not real
I don't care what they tell me
Because they can't change how I Feel.

Being here without you
Theres just no way I can feel right,
So I'll pretend that I was listening
Yet stay with you tonight.