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An Answered Plea

by Poetic Tragedy08

Holding strong
Legs tangled tight
Hand in hand
As we kissed light

I have this strong feeling
You're the only one
The only one I need
Even after what you've done

When you held me tight
I began to silently cry
Tears that went unnoticed
And then went to dry

I poured my heart
Right into your soul
Slowly our lips linked
And we became whole

Your kiss still lingers
We kissed so many times
In sync like the wind
With the sound of chimes

Our breath together was perfect
Like the moon in the night sky
Shining to help others see
A love no one can deny

What changed your mind?
Your heart beated today to me
You heard me and listened
You finally answered my plea

But now I'm sitting alone
We still are not linked as one
I'd rather be dead then feel this
And be known by none

Still yearning, every second
Begging to be with you
Because forever and always
I don't want to be through

If I could have asked
To just be back with you
Where my heart always
Is meant to be true