Read Love Poems


by Marie

You looked me in my eyes,
and told me another lie:
you convinced me that you needed me,
when you really meant goodbye.

You held unto my hand,
when you wanted to let go;
you tired to walk away from this,
but your love just seemed to grow.

You wanted to make me happy,
but inside you didn't try.
You thought you could make me laugh,
when you only made me cry.

You said you saw a future,
when you hoped that this would end;
you ignored me and fought so hard,
but said your love would never bend.

You held me so tight,
when you should've set me free;
you faked every single smile,
pretending to be happy.

You listened to me talk,
when you didn't even care;
you pushed me away,
but to hurt me, you wouldn't dare.

You said that without me,
your life just wasn't fair;
you told me that you loved me,
when your feelings weren't there.

You looked me in my eyes,
and told me one last lie;
you said that you would be back soon,
as you truly said goodbye.