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Her letters...

by kelly

I found the letters she wrote to you
i read them and they said
you were the one she belonged to
you were always in her head.

she said she felt the same
that every love song was for you,
yet you told me those very things
now i feel so confused.

she said she'd never felt that way
and she was glad you felt the same
she wished you were beside her
so she wouldn't feel the pain.

i know shes in your past now,
at least thats what you said,
but how can you be over her
when i have her letters by your bed?

i wish that i could believe you
that you have let her go
but my heart is so confused
that i will never truly know.

because you still have her letters
from days you say are old,
and just thinking of you loving her still
leaves my body cold.