Read Love Poems


by Mandy Lou

I must be crazy
Rushing into love
But, the words you're saying
Are what dreams are made of

You say that you think
I am a dream come true
But baby let me tell you
The only dream is you

I'm so in love with you
I can't even think
But you came and caught me
When I was on the brink

You didn't even know
How much pain I was in
How I wasn't ever going
To open my heart again

You are sweet and gentle
So loving and kind
You're so much more
Than I thought I'd ever find

My heart is now yours
It's no longer my own
Because I know you won't hurt me
And I'll never be alone

Please tell me that you love me
Just so I can hear it once more
It's what I've always wanted
What I've been waiting for