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An Unforgettable Love

by Ann Stareyes

Life holds many dreams
Some that never go away
They truly live in our hearts
They're forever there to stay.

Every time I see you
My heart just wants to cry
You'll never know the hurt
You caused when you said Good-bye.

Now just the sound of your voice
Still runs chills up and down my spine
It brings back many memories
That will last a lifetime.

If you knew how much I needed you
To love and care for me
To be my partner in Life
And make my world complete.

You truly gave me so much
More than I can thank you for
You made me realize life was worth living
Something I never saw before.

Now I cherish the memories
Of a beautiful love gone wrong
Hopefully one day you'll realize
Where your heart truly belongs.

I truly loved you then
I still love you today
I'll love you for-ever
And in my heart....You'll Stay!!