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Exactly what I want

by eyesxshutxtite

Laying in your arms

Your kiss makes me numb

Melting in your eyes

All sense of sorrow gone

So much more that I could say

But words just can't describe

Exactly the way your smile

Makes me feel inside

My head on your chest

Hearing the beat of your heart

In perfect rhythm with my own

Nothing can tear us apart

When you look me in the eyes

It's like you see into my soul

Without you I am incomplete;

Only you can make me whole

As you're holding me tight

I feel there's nothing I can't do

My smile is only fake

When I'm not with you

The feeling of your arms

Wrapping slowly around my waist

Sends chills up and down my spine

Your kiss I long to taste

Hearing those three small words

Whispered quietly in my ear

It makes my heart simply soar

There's no better place than here

I love the way you look at me

It's like no one else exists

The way time just seems to stop

When you lean in for a kiss

Those nasty little butterflies

When I see you walk in the door

Remind me why I love you

And then I need you even more

I try to say how much I love you

There simply is no way

If every laugh of mine made you smile

I'd smile and laugh all day

There's just no way that I can tell you

That you're my everything

Or how your kisses make me feel

Without you, I'm merely nothing

"Love" doesn't seem the word

What we have seems much more strong

The more I'm with you the more the days

Without you seem too long

Every look gives me chills

Every smile makes me soar

Every kiss makes me go numb

And leaves me wanting more

All these things are why I love you

And prove our love is not a game

But what makes me love you even more

Is that I know you feel the same