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The Pain inside

by Angel Sanctuary c

The nights I spend
Holding that pillow close
Dreaming I was holding you
Cradling you in my arms
Letting my warmth heat you
Smelling your presence
Feeling your heart beat with mine

The nights I spend alone
Are killing me
Dreaming I won’t wake up
Cradling myself in tears
My body shivering from pain
Smelling my tears drip from my face
My heart racing in sorrow for you

The battle has begun
These hard times are fighting
Trying to move on
Without you here to help
I’m trying to get out
Trying to be with you
And I know our time is now

I can not take this pain
It’s eating me alive
And I want to succumb
Fighting off this pain
Is draining the life from me
And I fight on for you
For us to be together

So many demons in my mind
Telling me it’s not worth it
Telling me to just forget it
But I can’t, she is mine
Forever in my mind
And how much pain I’m in
I’ll die and die again for her

The pain of being without you
Is ripping my heart into pieces
The music plays in the back round
And I’m spinning helplessly
I can’t hold on to anything
Just the thought of you in my mind
And I can grab a hold of some stability

You’re the reason I’m still standing
In my chaotic mind
You are what balances me out
Even if you’re not by my side
You are the voice inside
That tells me “I love you just hold on”